How is your professional learning going?

I don’t think that anyone disputes that to become better teachers we must engage in professional learning. How we go about engaging in that...

Professional reading from Twitter

Twitter provides a great range of articles for teachers to read allowing for reflection on their own practice. Here are three that I have...

Promethean IWB Activote and Socrative – Student Response Systems

Promethean IWB ActiVote Collecting feedback from students regularly (daily) and in a way that allows a teacher to see areas of weakness across a...
Australian Curriculum (2)

Curriculum Resources – Australian Curriculum

Below are websites that provide units of work, or resources for planning units of work linked to the Australian Curriculum. English and the Australian...

Formative Assessment Reflection

I hope that staff were able to get something out of this weeks staff meeting, being able to reflect where they are at with...

Formative Assessment

In our staff meeting this week (week 1 term 3) we will be revisiting our formative assessment action plans from early term 2. What...
Longest river in the world is called River Nile and it stretches up to 6,650 Kilometers or 4135 Miles.

Photo Mapo

Photo Mapo is a great app that allows you to incorporate images with a map which shows the part of the world the image...

Junior Primary History

Angela Ingram’s Reception, Year 1 and 2 students have been studying the past as part of their History curriculum in term 3. The Australian...

iPads in Maths and Science

During this term Tanya Hacket has introduced the iPads as a tool to support and engage students in Maths and Science. Tanya has kindly...

Do schools ignore talents?

An interesting interview with Ken Robinson and how the narrow focus of schools hinders us from unearthing children’s talents.