Hi all

I have created this web page to give a home to resources for curriculum and pedagogy. This will include all information and resources that come out as part of the Australian Curriculum and Teaching for Effective Learning. It will however be broader than just these two areas and I hope that the blog can provide information to all teaching staff that will be useful.

This site is all about sharing information but that is limited if the information shared is only coming from me. It would be great for all staff to contribute resources that will support teaching and learning in the school R-12. If you get me the information I will do the leg work and post it then email the link to staff so the information can be shared.

How to Contribute

1. Give me the URL link to a website you think is a great resource and maybe a sentence or two about who it would be useful for and why. I can then create a link from this site.

2. If you have a Document in word, Excel or Power Point that you think would be a useful resource pass the file onto me with a one or two sentence explanation of who it would be useful for and why. I will upload it to my Google Docs account and create a link to it from this site.

3. Read a great article on curriculum or pedagogy? Send me the link or file path and I can insert a link to it from this site.


It is not an expectation to check this site regularly but when something new is put on here I will send an email with the appropriate link to all teaching staff. That way you can remain informed but not have to come here on a regular basis.

Hope it’s useful……………..

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Well done Nick – this looks like it will be a great central resource for all PBAS curriculum workings. I’ll get onto the Khan academy stuff and post it later which should be useful for all maths, science and history teachers and importantly STUDENTS! Way of the future…..?

    Anyway, well done and hope you’ve had a holiday??

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