R-6 Reports Parent Review

Today I met with five parents who sat with me and discussed reporting at PBAS for R-6 students. Here are the slides that we went through as part of our discussion. I have added in the data produced by the discussion so staff can have a look at it. Some of the comments made by the parents are in relation to reporting formats that they viewed today. R-6 staff will get to have a look at these reporting formats in a staff meeting which will help make some of the comments clearer. Primary staff will need to meet early term 3 to discuss this parent feedback and look at developing a new reporting format for PBAS. This new format could end up being a slight modification of our current report or a totally new format altogether.

The source of the slide show below is Slideshare. This site is blocked so the slides don’t show up at school unless you unblock the site first. Requires you to go to Slideshare and unblock and come back to this page and it should work or just view at home.

4 thoughts on “R-6 Reports Parent Review

  1. Thanks Nick, this is useful information. I had a few chats with other leaders re reporting at leaders day today and have asked for one in particular to be forwarded to us as it sounds as though they have done some work with the Australian curriculum. This gives us a great place to start the discussion at staff meeting. I am looking forward to it. Thank you for beginning this ocnsultation, it was a very clear process.

  2. Looks like a productive session Nick. I would be interested to here what they thought about the time taken to write our current reports. Some really well summarized points to conclude and a process that I think will lead to a positive outcome for everyone. Sounds like parents really just want to here about their kids, work habits, achievements etc. but in an easy to read and interpret format. Sounds pretty logical to me.

  3. It sounds like it was a very productive session and I hope we can follow this up in primary meetings. I am a bit concrned that all parents found the student self review pointless as I think children analysing their own learning, describing their own achievements and areas to improve in is an essential part of the laerning process. Perhaps we need to look at this in more detail and discuss how thie can be improved across primary so parents can see how important this is.

    • The parents were talking about student comments that state what they like i.e. ‘I liked P.E’. or ‘My favourite activity was success time’. These sort of broad general statements by students were not found useful as parents who feel they already know what their kids like and find interesting at school. I think if you could get kids to deeply analyse their learning and record it in a way that reflected this parents would find this useful. Something to discuss anyway.

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