Australian Curriculum/TfEL Staff Meeting Week 9 Term 2

We have a staff meeting scheduled for Wednesday week 9. Below are some suggestions as to how this might look however considering our district T & D day on Friday week 7 staff may want to discuss issues that arose from this day.


R-6 Staff ideas for discussion (meet in Kim’s room):

  • District T & D day on the Australian Curriculum
  • Sharing experience with or use of Learning Design (I know Ang is keen on this and may be able to share).
  • Paul could share his ideas for assessing his students against the Australian Curriculum using Excel.
  • How are staff feeling about programming, assessing and reporting to maths and science in semester 2?
  • During these meetings in term 3 will primary teachers start investigating the English Australian Curriculum (leaving the history AC until term 4)?


8-10 Maths Ed, Tanya and Allan

Ed and Allen will have sat through 1.5 hours of talking about the Australian Curriculum with Allen Campbell and leadership prior to this so what happens in this group may depend on energy levels.

  • Continue discussion around the maths curriculum using the tools Ed had brought to the last meeting.
  • Incorporate the audit tools supplied by Allen Campbell, show Tanya, maybe even begin the audit process?


TfEL Group Nick, Justin (unless he wants to contiunue with History AC), Dave, Tim, Liz, Rob

  • Where are staff at with identifying elements that could become the focus of improvement?
  • Using the DVD to help ‘kick start’ the investigation and research into the particular element chosen.
  • Planning for term 3 – How will we collect data from students about our teaching? Appendix 8, 9 and 10 in Review Tools Handbook will help with this.


Term 3 (proposed) Plan

R-7: Focus on programing, assessing and reporting to Australian Curriculum. Plus looking at the English curriculum during meeting times.

8-10: Focus on English. Tanya and Justin working together.

TfEL: Includes Liz, Tim, Rob, Dave and Nick looking at students feedback on our teaching. Ed and Caddy can slot into this OR may whish to continue focusing on the Maths/Science AC in preparation for next year i.e. looking at programing and assessing.

One thought on “Australian Curriculum/TfEL Staff Meeting Week 9 Term 2

  1. So it appears I am meeting with Allen – did I know this? ANyway, should be good. Thanks Nick – lucky I read your post – how’s the withdrawals going?

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