Using TV Shows, Movies and Objects to explain Blooms. Are they useful?

Ed told me about some video explanations of Blooms Taxonomy using Seinfield, Pirates of the Caribbean and a guy talking about a drum. I have also been able to find 3 more including Nemo, The Andy Griffiths Show and using an iPhone. The videos vary between the old Blooms Taxonomy and the new Revised Blooms Taxonomy. My personal favourites are The Andy Griffiths Show, Nemo (simple easier to understand explanation) and Seinfield.


The Drum Explanation

Pirates of the Caribbean


Andy Griffiths Show


5 thoughts on “Using TV Shows, Movies and Objects to explain Blooms. Are they useful?

  1. Hi Nick,match Seinfeld and Pirates (mostly to see Keira) but must say didn’t help my understanding to much, think to would be better in a dialogue session. Another amazing resource to talk with kids about their learning. I am going to fwd the link to your blog to Brenton Willson from the T & L team in Adelaide. Watch a bit of ATP as well as Maths, really keen to get a session, let me know when Towny I’d free.

  2. I didn’t particularly find the Pirates one easy to follow and the Seinfeld one was also difficult. The Nemo one is useful with kids (and for our understanding) because of the simple text explanation that goes with each scene which is a still image instead of video making it easier to follow.

  3. Didn’t really help me with Blooms understanding but I love Seinfeld so enjoyed the clips anyway.

  4. Hi All

    Well I have just finished my first lesson of explaining Bloom’s with the Year 9’s. Additional to the use of the Drum explaination, students had an overview of where the course is taking them as well as a simple ‘triangle’ explaination – AND WAMMO! THEY GOT IT!
    Feedback from students was the drummer boy was really helpful in aiding their understanding.
    I didn’t show the Sienfeld or Pirates ones at all – way over my head (not hard!), but if we pick the right ones, they do additionally assist student understanding. It might not ours, but we mustn’t forget, we aren’t teaching for our knowledge and we aren’t a 14 year old!

  5. yeah these are great video explanations to watch especially the pirate one I love the most

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