Why school? Post 2

I was going to do a series of 3-4 posts about the eBook Why schools? by Will Richardson. See Why school? Post 1 If you haven’t seen this post or viewed the video in it I suggest you go back and view it before you view the video below.

I no longer have to do a series of posts because I have found a video of Will Richardson presenting at TEDxMelbourne, recorded only two months ago. The talk encapsulates his book Why schools? Hence the reason why I don’t need to do any more posts on it.

Valmai spoke to me about the key message she picked up from the first post which again is reinforced in this video, “we don’t have to do school better we have to do it differently”.

If I had to choose one video to watch from the wide range posted on this blog during 2012 this would be it.


2 thoughts on “Why school? Post 2

  1. I love two bits in the video (finally watched it) – we need to be and demonstrate we are learners – G U Y C L A X T O N ???????? Anyone, anyone see the resemblance here?

    The other scarier bit for me is his statement regarding who is (percieved at least) running education…….. politicians and business people. When we focus more on education and educators running the ‘System’ maybe things will continue to progress AKA Richardson, Claxton, Foster, Ingram……. Thinking of starting a REVOLUTION! Bring on educators running education!

  2. What an inspiring speaker about a topic I feel very passionate about. I love the way he speaks as an Educator and also as a Parent. A few weeks after I bought my ipad, Lissy (not long turned 2 years) walked out into the lounge room and I overheard her say to Rocket “I have Ipad, my birthday!” She was putting in her order for next year’s birthday present!! I can see that children are embracing technology, they are not waiting for technology to embrace them!! Thanks for sharing Nick.

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