Educational Apps Part 9 – Practical ideas for applying apps

Here are some great practical applications of iPad apps by mrandrewsonline. Each link takes you to a post on how he has used the iPad to enhance learning. There are a few ideas here so the idea was not to look at everything all at once. The use of apps in these posts ranges from the more simple ‘one off lessons’ to high level use across major units of work. When you read some of these you might say, “that’s awesome but I can’t do that, I don’t know enough about the ipad.” The point of this post is not for you to be able to go off immediately and instantly apply all these ideas. Its purpose is to show you the potential of the iPad and who knows, in 6-12 months maybe you too may be creating like Mr. Andrews (his peers) and his students using the iPad.

The great thing about the first two examples is that they can be applied across (dare I say) all subjects!

Design and Technology Project (Controllable Vehicle Project)

Apps used: Book Creator (teachers creating and instructional ebook & students creating marketing material), iMovie (as a presentation tool), Numbers (spreadsheet tool) and Garageband (creating jingles)

Case Study Part 1: How can the iPad change the pedagogy of a Design & Technology project?

Case Study Part 2: How the use of the iPad changed the pedagogy of a Design & Technology project.

Case Study Part 3: Using iPads as a creative and innovative approach to learning


Using Cartoon Style Apps

Examples of cartoon strip style apps: Strip Designer, ComicBook and Comic Life

Strip Designer: 10 easy ways to get started with iPads/iPods in the primary classroom (all examples relevant for secondary students)


Raising Writing Standards

Part 1: Raising Standards in Boys’ Writing using the iPad for Gaming – By Mr Williams

Part 2: Raising Standards in Boys’ Writing using the iPad for Gaming: Outcomes and Ways Forward By Mr Williams


Using Apps in Maths

10 Practical Ways To Use Apps in Primary Mathematics Teaching – By Mr Williams




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