Student Research – Google and Google Docs

Would you like your students to use Google more effectively? Do you want to give your students an easier way to insert footnotes and references? If the answer is yes then here are two great videos from Bradley Lands. Among other things Bradley Lands is an ‘Apple Distinguished Educater’ and ‘Google Apps for Education Qualified Individual’. He has a great blog which you can visit by clicking here.

The first video is about how to Google search effectively. This is a must watch for any teacher who has ever asked their students to use Google as a search engine for research.

How to perfect your Google search

The second video is about how to use Googles Docs to write a research paper or issue study (common to most year 11/12 subjects). Watching this video opened my eyes to the benefits of using Google Docs over Word to write a research assignment.

Research tools in Google Docs

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