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The other day Paul alerted me to the fact there is now a link between the Australian Curriculum document and Scootle. When you look at the content descriptors for a particular year level and subject area you can find the Scootle link by clicking on the letter/number in the brackets found at the end of each individual descriptor. By clicking on this you get an elaboration of the content descriptor. As well as the elaborations you also get a link to the Scootle website which then lists all their relevant resources that have a link to the content description you are looking at.

What is Scootle? Is it worth creating an account?

Paul mentioned to me that he got some great You Tube links when programing for his term 3 science. It is very convenient to be able to click on a link in the elaborations (on the AC website) and be taken to a list of resources connected with that section of the curriculum (on the Scootle website). As a staff we have had a brief looks at Scootle a few times over the past 2 years but as a reminder here is a basic explanation of what Scootle provides:

  • This site provides resources for teaching the Australian Curriculum.
  • It is sorted by subject area (not just AC subject areas) and year levels
  • The site provides the following search types – learning objects, images, audio, video, collections, teacher resource, assessment resource and data set.
  • The site allows you to create your own personalised learning paths which save resources in folders for future reference.

Below is a more detailed info graphic explaining Scootle.


To create a Scootle account log into Scootle by clicking HERE. Once on the Scootle page you will see in the top right hand corner “New to Scootle? Teachers can register here!”. Click on this link and follow the prompts to create your account.

Click HERE to access the Scootle user guide. This is in PDF format and can be saved to your PC. This document can help you with any questions you have about Scootle including how you create Learning Paths for you and your students as well as how students access the content you find on Scootle.

One thought on “The Australian Curriculum and Scootle

  1. I found this Scootle link to be very good when planning my term outline for Term 3, particularly in Science. Naturally you had to pick through to find some quality tasks and ideas that would match your lessons and resources but I found it was very helpful in a topic that I was a bit unfamiliar with.

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