Year 1 & 2 budding news presenters

I have been wanting to get staff to share what’s happening in their classrooms via the blog for a while now. Kelly has kindly got the ball rolling and has shared her classes use of the iPads to record oral presentations, in this case news presentations. Below Kelly has outlined how this process began and the benefits she found using the iPads to do this process.

After seeing a student in our class pretend to be a weather presenter, several other students were keen to join in and this small idea soon evolved into our class presenting the news. Scripts were written, banners designed, props prepared and rehearsals began.

The convenience of an iPad meant I could easily film each segment. Using iMovie it took me no more than 10 minutes to edit each segment and put it all together with text and transitions. As a class, we then viewed each news programme on the IWB. Being able to watch themselves, allowed the students to complete both self assessments and peer assessments. This was particularly useful for several children who realised, for themselves, that they needed to improve their reading fluency.
All in all the process was quite simple and convenient and one that I would not have attempted prior to iPads. Kelly Heading
The video below is not the whole video which was made up of two presentations by different news stations, Channel 7 and Channel 10. I have edited it down to give a sample of what the students did.

One thought on “Year 1 & 2 budding news presenters

  1. Thanks Kelly for sharing the work you are doing with your students. Their self reflections on their own fluency a brilliant idea. Congratulations to you on getting the idea you spoke to me about up onto the blog s quickly. Thanks Nick for the 1:1 support for Kelly with this. I loved watching the news readers I action- from the weather pointer to the coffee mug!

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