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I came across a version of this poster via @gregwhitby on Twitter (see below). The poster is a great reflection tool for the classroom allowing teachers to get students to self reflect about their growth mindset.

The poster above is one I put together (copying the original) with the thought that maybe it could be a useful resource for teachers. It provides a visual that allows us to challenge our students and ask the question, “which step have you reached?”

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3 thoughts on “Growth Mindset Poster

  1. Love this poster. Just at the moment I am into motivating posters. Thought that I would try this in pastoral care but with a twist. After talking about positive and negative mindsets, I am going to write the 10 steps on IWB out of order and get students to sequence them.
    An interesting aside – read an article in the Advertiser last week about how visually ‘busy’ classrooms can interfere with student learning as students are distracted by what is pinned up on the walls.

  2. I love this poster! Do you know if this is available somewhere to buy? Also, does anyone know of a catalogue/store that markets growth mindset posters such as this?

    Thank you!

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