PBAS Planning & Programming Expectations

As semester 2 approaches I thought it was timely to remind staff of the expectations around programming.

Teaching staff are expected to pass in a unit outline for curriculum areas that they teach. For staff who are new to this process please have a look at teacher unit outlines kept in the staffroom or catch up with me personally.

There is a standard proforma which can be accessed on the Admin drive in a folder called Programming Proforma. Staff are free to hand up their unit outlines on their own planning tool as long as certain basic requirements are met, which include:

  • Teacher name, Term/Semester, Year level, Year
  • Content outline/major topics
  • Assessment tasks/evidence
  • Resources
  • Pedagogy focus

The expectation in term 3 for program outlines:

  1. Teachers will email their program outlines to their line manager by the end of week 1 term 3.
  2. Place a digital copy of the program outline in the Admin drive\CURRICULUM AREAS\select the appropriate subject and year level folder. It is my intention is to phase out the paper copies stored in the staffroom.
  3. Program outlines can be for either term 3 or semester 2 (term 3 & 4).
  4. All SACE subjects are exempt from this process. SACE has its own process for submitting Learning and Assessment Plans. SACE plans are to be saved in Admin drive\CURRICULUM AREAS\SACE\2014.

At some point early in term 3 there will be some discussion about modifying this proforma to include the Australian Curriculum. This could be a one page addition to our current proforma that includes the Achievement Standard and content descriptors for that subject and year level. This page would involve no writing for teachers just the requirement to highlight the aspects of the Australian Curriculum relevant to the unit in question. Click on the link below to view an example of how this could look.

Click here to see the Year 7/8 HPE Australian Curriculum cover sheet that will be considered as an addition to the program outline currently handed up by teachers at the beginning of each term/semester. The intention of this document is to assist teachers to track how effectively they are covering the Australian Curriculum. Please view this document and consider if it is a worthwhile addition to our current documentation for 2015.

Please note:

  • If you want to view the link above you need to unblock the computer you are on i.e. go to You Tube and use your curriculum login to unblock that site (you may have to do this twice to make it work) and then click on the link above. Alternatively you could do it at home.
  • Individual teachers will not have to create the Australian Curriculum sheets. Adele Keleher has already completed many for R-7 and I will develop the 8-10 versions for each subject area.

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