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At the beginning of the year a decision was made to use some staff meeting time (twice a term) to have professional discussions. These discussions would be teacher led and require the sharing of practice with the rest of the staff on a particular topic. We did this on a student free day last year with the topic “Storing and using evidence of learning for assessment”. Three teachers presented their work in this area and other teachers commented on how useful the presentations and following discussions where.

This week will see our first PLC discussion on the topic of Programming. Joelene, Kelly and Justin have kindly agreed to share their programming processes with us.

While these three have agreed to talk it would be great if everyone came prepared to contribute in some small way to the discussion either by sharing aspects of their own programming or be willing to ask questions of those presenting.

 Points for discussion could include the following:

1. How do you prepare a program? What type of format do you use?

  • Bring examples to share/show.

2. Do you have a detailed plan or work from a broad overview or do you have both? 

  • What do these look like?
  • How does your day to day planning look is it a different format to your more detailed plans or is it the same document?

3. How do you go about organising your resources and assessment tasks?

4. Is there flexibility in your plan?

5. How do you incorporate the Australian Curriculum into your planning?

6. Do you consider all aspects of Learning Design when programming or just some of them?

Detailed learning design


If anyone is interested in further reading around programming here is a draft document titled Planning for implementing – Australian Curriculum from the QLD Curriculum and Assessment Authority which discusses curriculum planning in schools. Page 5 provides a great overview for teachers titled “Elements of effective planning”.

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