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In a nutshell Class Dojo is a classroom management system that allows teachers to monitor and acknowledge postive and negative behaviours and share this with students and parents. If you would like to know more about Class Dojo then click here.

Class Dojo has produced a five video series on growth mindset using the characters from the classroom management system. The videos explain Growth Mindset and its application focusing on the brain, the magic of mistakes, the power of yet and the world of neurons.

POST UPDATE 27 January 2017 – The complete set of these videos are no longer available on You Tube. They are available on the Class Dojo Big Ideas website.

A secret about the brain

The magic of mistakes

The power of yet

The world of neurons

Mojo puts it all together

One thought on “Class Dojo Mindset Videos

  1. This is a great app Nick. I have seen two staff using it at Wallaroo PS. Yr 4/5 and a Yr 5/6 class. Parents love it and ask their own children about their learning and behaviour for the day based on the feedback. Works well for reminder notes etc as well. Not hard to keep up with either whereas other systems take a lot of effort to implement.

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