Professional reading from Facebook and Twitter Part 12

Reading number 1

Blog: Education HQ Australia

Blog post: Students lead new PD program for South Australian teachers

Posted on Facebook by  Brenton Wilson

Reading number 2

Blog: Scope Vlog (video blog)

Blog post (You Tube video): Magnet rubric boards

Posted on Twitter by  @phys_educator

Reading number 3

Blog: Mind Shift how we learn

Blog post: Apps that challenge kids to solve environmental issues

Posted on Twitter by  @MindShiftKQED

2 thoughts on “Professional reading from Facebook and Twitter Part 12

  1. Had a look at the four apps relating to environmental issues. The Enercities, Stop Disasters and Sim City Pollution challenge all look suitable and would fit into both science and geography. The descriptions make them appear to be very engaging and would allow entry at different levels.

  2. Thanks Tanya. Appreciate you having a good look at the apps and making some recommendations that might support their use by other teachers.

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