STEM Teacher Talk 4 with Zeina Chalich

This video is taken from the Splash ABC website. Listen to Zeina Chalich answer teacher questions about STEM.

“Zeina has teaching experience in primary schools and university. In her role as Leader of Learning & Innovation, Zeina leads ‘disruptive’ change in digital pedagogy and personalised learning. In 2015, Zeina was awarded the CEC Br John Taylor Fellowship research prize for her research exploring design thinking in a makerspace through a STEAM curriculum. Zeina writes for the Website Education Technology Solutions.

2 thoughts on “STEM Teacher Talk 4 with Zeina Chalich

  1. Liked the concept of fail up – matches with growth mindset and Jo Boaler maths. Uses the concept of persistence and grit. Also liked the idea that it is okay to have a go and if it doesn’t work, you can leave it at that (I know that seems contradictory to the idea of persistence). The concept of learning by play fits in well with what is occurring in Kindy. The idea of ‘pop-up’ maker areas was interesting.

    • I think this video is a really important one for our staff because it discusses Maker-spaces which is a concept that not everyone may completely understand. If part of our redevelopment is including a Makerspace classroom then teachers need to understand how this space will look and operate. I think I will post a few more videos and articles about Maker-spaces to further develop everyones understanding. Glad you found the video useful and thanks for commenting.

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