Educational Apps Part 6 – Literacy

Here are some apps to help students with literacy skills. Most are for junior primary or primary aged students. A lot of the information below is taken from the app store. Click on the images to go to the app store to purchase or get further information. I have also added some links to other […]

Educational Apps Part 5 – Get Creative with Music, Video, eBooks and Animation

I see potential for all of these apps to extend students creativity and engage them in their learning. The music apps excite me the most. Not being a music teacher I can still see the potential of every student in a music class having an iPad with a variety of instruments that students have learnt […]

Educational Apps Part 4 – Productivity and Design & Food Technology

Attendance (free)         Do you want to do away with your paper attendance rolls? This will not take the place of the DECD home group roll we take at PBAS but it will take the place of our secondary subject rolls. This is an exceptionally easy app to use. Once your students […]

Educational Apps Part 2 – Productivity

Here are some apps that allow you to access and view files from the Cloud. All of the Cloud based storage apps require an account to be set up online and then they can be placed on your PC desk top. Combined they give around 13G of free storage space in the Cloud. Each has […]