Educational Apps Part 1 – Productivity & PE/Games

As iPads begin to become more popular amongst staff and the potential for iPads to be available to students (at some point in 2013) I thought I would try and regularly post about useful apps for teachers and students. If you want to access these posts in the future just go to the Catagories heading […]

iPad Apps and Blooms Taxonomy

The following is an adaptation of the Padagogy Wheel developed by Allan Carrington of the University of Adelaide which was in turn built upon the work of Sharon Artley. Many others have adapted this idea to suit the applications being used by their students on iPads. I recently received a version created by Unley High […]

Visual Poetry App

Richard Byrne has a blog called “iPad Apps for Schools”. He contributes regularly and reviews a wide range of educational apps.¬†One of his more recent app reviews was for an app called Visual Poetry which I thought sounded useful for presenting student writing. The app allows the user to create custom word clouds with their […]

How do you handle change?

Education is going through some significant changes at the moment. A new curriculum and a more intense focus on pedagogy and teacher performance. The Federal Government (rightly or wrongly) wants to reward high performing teachers, they want to rate teachers on a yearly basis using the newly formed Professional Standards for Teachers that focus on […]


¬† Australian Curriculum Technologies¬†– View Year Level Descriptors, Content Elaborations, Achievement Standards, General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities. Download the entire curriculum or specific aspects of it to suit your needs. Maker Spaces – “I transformed my school library and started a makerspace from scratch and I want to empower other educators and librarians to […]