iPads Staff Survey

Here is the feedback provided by staff on our student free day in week 6 term 4.

A quick snap shot of what is in the survey (13 staff responded):

Question 1 – In relation to “the iPad is an important learning tool in my classroom” 9 staff rated the iPads 7 or higher out of 10.

Question 2 – 8 out of 13 staff use the iPads weekly or more.

Question 3 – 32 different apps have been used by staff. Uses varied from concept reinforcement, research, engagement, collaboration and creative presentation applications.

Question 4 – Two staff are keen to use iMovie R/1 and with PLP students in 2014. One staff member suggested would like to use a range of apps but felt it was too hard to get them onto the iPad just for potentially one off use. Please do not hesitate to seek me out to help you with the use of different apps if you need a sounding board. Please approach me if you have apps you would like to try. I will be updating apps etc at the end of the year and can add new apps ready for next year. I am a little hesitant to update and add new apps during a term so that student work is not affected.

Question 5 – Internet connection (not sure if this meant no connection?). If the Internet is not working this can usually be fixed fairly easily – come and see me in my office or let me know which iPad is not working/students do need Learn Link to get on to Safari. Sometimes iPads were booked out but not being used. Issues around losing student work. Thinking about alternate ways to store student work while it is being used i.e. saving a Book Creator file to school server in case it is lost or saving iMovie back to camera roll in case it is erased from iMovie may help. Removing work the instant it is finished will also help. This will always be an issue and one we must work on with students regarding the respect of other peoples work.

Question 6 – Are there enough iPads? 8 responded 6 said yes. Not enough for largest class in school (28 students). Two more will fit in the cart which would get us to 28.

Question 7 – What has been the impact from a whole school perspective? 12 responded 10 rated this 7 out of 10 or higher.

Click here to view detailed collated survey information.