Junior Primary History

Angela Ingram’s Reception, Year 1 and 2 students have been studying the past as part of their History curriculum in term 3. The Australian Curriculum asks students to describe personal and family events of significance (by end of year 1) and pose questions about the past using sources to answer those questions as well as compare objects from the past to the present (by the end of year 2).

Students brought in family photographs and artefacts from the past to help them to discuss significant family events, answer questions about the past and compare objects from the past to the present.

Students brought in a wide range of photos that showed: old cars, grandparents having picnics when they were young, grandparents weddings and grandparents in the army. Some of the artefacts that students brought in included: hickery golf clubs, a lighter from the Spanish Civil War, an old pen set, a school satchel, a bonnet, a glass bouy, a gramophone, a gold pan, teddie bears, an old cloth book, tools and hand shears.

The students loved looking back at old photos and learning a little bit about their families and the artefacts brought in.

“I really liked looking back at the old photos.” Ben

“I liked looking at the old things that others brought in. I really liked Mason’s old golf clubs.” Tom

“I liked looking at all the stuff and learning about how things worked a long time ago.” Jaxon

Below are some photos of the images and artefacts that student brought in.

IMG_3548 IMG_3549 IMG_3550 IMG_3554 IMG_3551 IMG_3552 IMG_3555 IMG_3547 IMG_3553