Could you use Khan Academy in your classroom?

I won’t explain the history of Khan Academy here other than to say that it is a series of video tutorials on maths, science and history that are free on the Khan Academy website and can be searched and viewed on You Tube. If you would like to learn more about Khan Academy click on the link below:

One Man, One Computer, 10 Million Students: How Khan Academy Is Reinventing

If you teach maths, science or history at any level ask your self the question, can you use Khan Academy to help your students understand concepts? I don’t mean replacing your teaching with the use of Khan Academy videos but assisting your teaching. Below I have included 3 videos (math only) at different levels from basic addition (1 + 1) to higher level maths. Before viewing one or all of these videos consider that there is a khan Academy iPad app that would allow students (or the teacher) to access these videos on iPads or alternatively students access the videos in the computing suites or in the classroom on a laptop. The videos could be used individually (iPads, laptops, PC), pairs, small groups (on IWB). If you wanted to work with a small group of students you could do this while the rest of the class was accessing a video at an appropriate level on an iPad.

Basic Addition

Level 4 Subtraction

Level 1 Multiplying Expressions

The Khan Academy/Flipped Classroom

The Khan Academy: The future of education? American 60 Minutes did a piece a couple of days ago about Sal Khan and The Khan Academy. The Khan Academy has inspired a whole new way of thinking called the ‘Flipped Classroom’ where students get the information at home through video and do their homework at school. The reasoning being that if students are accessing well thought out explanations about concepts and topics at home they are then prepared to do more activities and tasks in class with teacher help as opposed to ‘passively listening’ to the teacher explain concepts. I know Ed is using the Khan Academy videos with some of his students in Year 9 maths.

Here is the 60 Minutes segment. An amazing story of what one person has achieved (some of the software being trialled looks amazing).