Educational Apps Part 7 – Numeracy

Below is a great range of apps to support student learning in numeracy. Click on the icons to view the apps in the app store for more details and reviews.

Calculator HD (free)






Basic and scientific calculator.


Khan Academy (free)






Access the thousands of Khan Academy videos on the iPad. Videos cover all year levels.


PopMath ($0.99)






This app is structured in levels and allows the user to select +, -, x, /, or all four at once. Students need to tap the coresponding bubbles, i.e. 5+5 bubble and the 10 bubble.


Dinosaur Kids Math (free)




This app uses digits and groupings of dinosaurs to get students develop knowledge of addition and subtraction.


iKnow1- 100 ($0.99)






This apps assists students with counting to 100.


Mathmateer formerly (free) Rocket Math full version ($0.99)






This is a great math game. Students earn money by attempting math problems. This money can then be spent on building a rocket. Once the rocket is launched it enters space where students try to solve as many math problems as possible before the rocket falls back to earth.


Maths Martians HD ($1.99)






Select a times table set and see how fast you can tap through the answers.


Times Table (Times Table Lab)






Students see how quickly they can answer times tables in a grid format starting with a 5×5 grid.


Flash Tables ($0.99)






Use flash cards, tables listed with answers, grid style practice and a testing function.


Factor Samuri






A fun game teaching students their times tables. The aim of the game is to cut numbers into their primes but to not cut the primes.


Maths Bingo ($0.99)






Bingo style maths game with three levels and allows up to 10 players to play.


Geoboard (free)






Create geometric shapes on a geoboard using rubber bands. A great tool for developing knowledge of geometric shapes.


Convert Any Unit (free) (paid version $2.99)






An app to convert units of measurement.


Motion Math ($1.99)






A fun way to learn fractions. Students have to  tilt the iPad to make the fraction land in the correct place on a line, i.e. 1/2 must land half way along the line.


Teaching Number Lines (free)






Counting forward, backwards, skip counting and sequencing.


Fraction Basics (free)






A series of videos explaining the concepts involved in fractions. From understanding basic concepts to improper, mixed, equivalent, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. Videos also cover converting fractions to decimals and percentages.


MathBoard Addition (free) MathBoard ($5.49 – covers +, -, x, /) The link on this image goes to the free addition version.






This app asks students to solve addition, subtraction, division and multiplication math problems.  If students get stuck the app has a problem solver section that shows the steps involved in solving the problem students are having trouble with.


Quick Graph (free) Quick Graph + ($1.99)






Graphics calulator.


Math Terms





Hundreds of maths terms explained. An excellent reference app.


Video Calculus (free)






A great range of well presented videos with Professor Burger who presents the concepts while they are explained on a white board format.


Algerbra Champ (free)






This app is set in the style of a street fighting game (there is no actual fighting). This app does not explain how algerbra works it only allows players to practice equations.