Staff Feedback – PBAS Literacy Agreements

Next week we will be reviewing our current “PBAS Whole School Literacy Agreements” with Ali. These are draft documents  (R-6 & 7-12) and not complete. The R-6 document is further advanced than the secondary one.

We would appreciate teachers having a look at the document that relates to them and welcome comments related to that particular draft. It would be appreciated if staff can respond in the comments section of this post so that everyone’s views can be shared with other staff, leadership and Ali.

Please consider the following questions when responding:

  • Does it reflect current practice at PBAS R-12?
  • The R-6 organised the document under headings:
    • Modelled practice
    • Guided practice
    • Independent practice
      • What do you think of this formatting or would you prefer to outline reading, writing, listening/speaking, spelling, handwriting separately?
  • Do you see yourself in regard to literacy practice reflected in this document?
  • Does this draft consider Australian Curriculum English and Literacy Capabilities and all curriculum areas?
  • Does it consider the “Big Six” of reading instruction?


R-6 Literacy Agreement


7-12 Literacy Agreement