Primary PE – Games and The Australian Curriculum

Games are a great way for teachers to address aspects of the HPE Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards. Students love playing games and they can be useful when assessing student learning in HPE.

Considerations when using games to assess aspects of the HPE Achievement Standards:

  • Is there a purpose for playing the game? What aspect of the Achievement Standard is being assessed?
  • Do the students know what is being assessed? How is the learning intention communicated to the students?
  • Is there an assessment tool to record student learning? Video evidence, observational notes, a tick box rubric etc.
  • Is there an opportunity for questioning students about the game? How can we be more effective at the game? What strategies do you use? Can we modify rules/equipment to make it more enjoyable, increase participation, make it safer?
  • Is there an opportunity for feedback about the learning? Is time provided to apply feedback?

Aspects of the R-6 Achievement Standards relevant to playing games

Games can be used with R – 6 students to demonstrate:

  • fundamental movement skills (catching, throwing, jumping, hopping, dodging, skipping etc)
  • safe play
  • knowledge of body reactions to movement like increased breathing and heart rate, sweating, and tiredness
  • positive interactions with others (personal and social skills)
  • the ability to adapt and change to solve movement challenges.

Foundation (Reception)

Year 1/2

Year 3/4

Year 5/6

Resources (click on the images below)

Educational Apps Part 1 – Productivity & PE/Games

As iPads begin to become more popular amongst staff and the potential for iPads to be available to students (at some point in 2013) I thought I would try and regularly post about useful apps for teachers and students. If you want to access these posts in the future just go to the Catagories heading in the right hand column of the blog and go down to iPad Apps. If you click on ‘iPad Apps’ you will find all of the posts on educational iPad apps.

To view/purchase the app in the app store click on the image.

First up are a range of apps that can assist with your productivity. Record personal training and development, assess students work including notes, photo, video or compile digital portfolios for your students. Great for collecting formative and summative assessments completed by your students. All three created by PE teacher Jarrod Robinson.


Easy PD






Easy PD is the professional development record tool for teachers. A mobile and powerful way to capture and record both the professional development you complete. Never again will you need to keep extensive and confusing paperwork.


Easy Assessment






Easy Assessment allows you to create rubrics, takes notes, add an image or piece of video all linked to the specific rubric. Enter your classes and record assessments on your iPad.


Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio allows you to collect your students work all in one place. Enter your classes and then under each individual student name store photos of their work, audio of conversations, video, notes, upload Office documents and add web links. Great when it comes to report writing, talking with parents and feeding back to students.


Next up are a range of apps that all do essentially the same thing, provide you with a range of games and physical activities to use in PE. Great if you want some new games to play with your students or let your students investigate and select a game they would like to teach the class.


PE Plus






PE Games






Group Games







P.E. Games







TGfU (Teaching Games for Understanding) – This app is based on a pedagogical approach used by PE teachers that teaches skills and strategies through small games as opposed to teaching skills in an isolated way.