What are your rules?


We all have philosophies/ideas about how we should teach that help to define us as teachers. Having a clear set of beliefs about how we should approach teaching helps us focus our efforts rather than aimlessly wonder through our teaching career with little direction.

Below is a a link to a list of rules a teacher named Alison Pearse has for herself. These rules form the basis for how she teaches and interacts with students. The rules, although listed 1-10 are not ranked from most important to least.

Some of the rules listed might cause some debate while others I am sure we will all agree with. Some of the rules talk about using reward incentives, being prepared to admit mistakes & say sorry, being flexible, negotiate, professional learning, reporting to parents, respecting students, defining student success, organisation & clarity and allowing students to see something of your life outside school.

Do you have a set of ‘rules’ that defines how you carry yourself as a professional? Do you agree with the ones Alison Pearse has mentioned?

Click here to read Alison Pearse’s list in detail. You may need to read this at home as the site is blocked at school and may not even give you the opportunity to override it.