A Different Way of Informing

During 2012 staff will be involved in either familiarisation of The Australian Curriculum or TfEL/pedagogy development. Because of this staff will have different focuses and it will rarely be possible to conduct whole staff discussions as everyone’s focus will be different i.e. subject based differences with the AC or pedagogy differences with those using TfEL.

So to avoid wasting valuable meeting time I will be posting information or creating screencasts (audio visual) for this blog as a way of informing staff of the agenda and purpose of meetings involving the Australian Curriculum and TfEL. Having already been given the relevant information prior to the meetingmay help streamline meetings and save time.

Two further benefits to this process will be firstly that as you read posts, view screencasts, access resources you can leave comments for me. This provides you with a direct way of (politely) telling me something is not working well or that you have enjoyed a particular aspect of what we have been doing. Commenting also allows you to contribute and share your thoughts and ideas for others to read. Secondly for those staff unable to make staff meetings it will hopefully provide a way of keeping up with what is happening at school.

I strongly believe staff learning about the AC/TfEL needs to be lead by individual staff not by me. I will facilitate the process but I will not be telling you how to use the AC in your teaching or be requiring you to focus on specific aspects of TfEL. You will lead your learning through discussion with your peers (which includes me!).

Every post or screencast placed on this site will be emailed to the r5@ and 612@ email addresses. You can then determine what is useful or not, and thereby lead your own learning.

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