What are your thoughts on Class Struggle?

Class Struggle via SBS TV some weeks ago


I watched with interest the conversation started on Insight some weeks ago. If you have time, search the podcast of Tony Delroy (ABC radio) in which he interviewed Jane Caro and Kevin Donnelly regarding the Gonski Report and possible implications.


I will try and post this podcast in coming days. It comes with a warning however, don’t listen to prior to going to sleep – you won’t – sleep that is!

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6 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on Class Struggle?

  1. Our education system is based on competition. We have outstandingly resourced schools and very poorly resourced schools. So we have some winners and some losers because that’s what competition provides. Competition is not appropriate for an educational system because we want everyone to reach the highest level they can. This is only possible if all schools provide a similiar quality of resources and level of teaching. I liked the comments on Insight that said the same educational level of outcome is not possible for everyone, however the same quality of education should be accessable to everyone. There are systems in other countries that have no private schools and no competition between educational sectors. They do not focus on competition they focus on collaboration. They focus on teacher quality. They are the highest achieving education systems. Competition in an education system benefits the learning of some. Collaboration within education, if done well, can benefit the learning of all.

  2. Sorry Ed forgot to say thanks for posting the link. Not bad for a self proclaimed techno clutz!

  3. An interesting episode and one that highlighted points that we discuss annually when students elect to leave our school for greener pastures and better opportunities elsewhere. At the end of the day I think everyone makes the choice to stay or go in our community based on what they probably think is the best for their child. Having said that I know that we provide a quality education for our students at PBAS.
    I agree with Nick that it was interesting to note that the same educational level is not possible for everyone. Our goal is to help them all reach their highest potential. “Competing” with other systems is not the answer and does not help us educate students any better.
    Lots of food for thought. Autonomy for schools looks on the cards. Hopefully it is not just a way of the government from having to take responsibility for the results etc.

  4. Towny, autonomy might work in some areas of schooling but a synical view might be that it is a way for Government to save money and shift responsibility. It scares me that the Principal’s role continues to move towards that of a business leader and not an educational leader. Any time I hear school’s should be run like a business I cringe.

  5. Thanks Paul and Nick for your comments. If I could for a moment pick up on a couple of points you have made here:
    Towny I would like to believe that the choice from within our community on where parents send their children is based on what’s best for their child is the sole decision making process they undertake HOWEVER I would have to differ with some in more recent times. My fear is that it has become a socially ‘trendy’ thing to do and you are not with the ‘in crowd of Port Broughton’ if you send your child to get an excellent education at PBAS.
    Nick my firend, don’t vote Liberal at the next State election. I heard terrible and scary comments made by the shadow education minister David Pisoni and Opposition leader Issobelle Readmond during the holidays discussing the very things of advertising in some future time space for business managers in schools. I guess I would question how a leader at a large Adelaide school is not a business manager now, but I fear under a change of governement the push in this direction will only get greater.

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