New motivation + dabling in Edublogs with Year 9 maths

Over the holidays my sister was sent to a New Educators conference in Brisbane (ah to work in a big school!) and she stumbled across a woman by the name of Erica McWilliam. Anyway, it would appear (having read only a tiny bit of her work so far) that she may just replace my previous teaching mentor Guy Claxton…. maybe. Anyway, if you have time try and check out some of her work and in the meantime, I will endeavour to post some articles that ring a tune with me.


On another note, I’d encourage you to visit my blog I am trying with Year 9 Maths students, . It is my first attempt at using this medium in response to feedback sought from students in Semester 1. At that point I had surveyed students via Zoomerang. They had provided me two key themes in their feedback that I have attempted to focus on in improving my teaching.

The main theme I am trying to touch on by presenting learning to students in this manner, is in reponse to the feedback recieved: not enough choice in their learning, and Directed Investigations are too narrow and don’t appeal to them. I am also intending on enahncing their learning via:

  • Guy Claxton – Learning to Learn
  • Literacy focus – the great Ali Newbold!
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

It is audacious – we have had one lesson together today, and as enthused as year 9’s can get, they seemed quite receptive to what was presented to them. So fingers crossed it works well. I will update you on problems encountered or useful/useless support materials, and will also inform on student feedback as we progress. I would be really keen as well on your feedback or views if you have the time!

2 thoughts on “New motivation + dabling in Edublogs with Year 9 maths

  1. Looks good Ed. I like the idea of setting up a single unit on a blog. Had a look at the literacy task where students were responsible for a word to define in relation to topic. Nice collaboration task. Could use a cloud service like Sky Drive/Google Drive to create a single document that all students contribute their word to instead of having single documents for each student. Amazing to see the change in your maths teaching over the last few years – differentiating groups, students leading own learning, You Tube channel and now using the web to store and present curriculum to the students on a blog.

  2. Finally had a read of your maths blog – I was impressed – especially with the students responding. Inspiring.

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