What do our students do when they get stuck?

Do we get our students to rely on us all the time?

Do we give students the opportunities to try by themselves and stuff up or do we catch them and get them over the line, every single time?

Do we over draft work for students so the line becomes blurred as to what is theirs and what is ours?

Do we keep tying those shoe laces because it is quicker or do we teach how to tie them?

Do we balance our support with times were we withdraw our support to allow a student to learn for themselves?

These are questions to consider, particularly in our school were we have the opportunity to save our students from experiencing problems daily. It is easy for us to ensure our students remain happy and feel secure within our small school community. As a staff we have acknowledged this issue in the past but how often do we set up our students to make really tough decisions and use their initiative? Is it something we should do more of within our teaching? We certainly don’t want our students to turn out as helpless as the two in the video below!

3 thoughts on “What do our students do when they get stuck?

  1. Loved the video clip Nick and yes when you look past the surface humour you can see the learnt? helplessness which many of our students suffer from. Just waiting for someone else to come along to fix the problem. However, I also wonder how many adults who when faced with a problem, wait, hoping that someone will solve the issue?

  2. Wow Nick – not sure where u find this but….. awesomely funny and relevant.

    Hey, welcome back Tanya!

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