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Enhance Tv Direct. This looks like a great resource. At $3.65 per enrolled student for a 12 month subscription it seems fairly good value for money, although like Clickview its value depends on having a high volume of users. Is it an alternative to Clickview? At one third the cost it is certainly cheaper.

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  1. A bit puzzled by the arithmetic here. Secondary school Clickview costs $2395 per year including full access to about 15000 programs on the Exchange and Clickview Online. If the average secondary school has 800 students then Enhance TV Direct costs that school $2920 per annum.
    TV Direct is thus the more expensive option and certainly not “one third the cost”. While Clickview does have additional libraries available that can be quite expensive the only relevant comparison is with the Exchange which has a fairly similar range of programstos what TV Direct offers.
    Clickview is also a more adaptable system (eg iOS and Win8 apps) and has probably sorted out much more (by dint of relatively long experience) the numerous technical challenges involved in distributing video across networks.

  2. Hi David, I should have put my post into context. Our school is very small approximately only 170 enrolments next year (reception to year 12). This equates to about $620 for our site. I think we pay around $1500 per year for Clickview, as I don’t manage it I’m not 100% sure but think we get some sort of discount for being a small school. Sorry for the lack of clarity in the post as I did it on the run between lessons today for staff in my school. I had put the PDF for EnhanceTV Direct on the staffroom table today and wanted to add the video above as another reference so staff could consider the value of each (Clickview v EnhanceTV Direct). I haven’t investigated it much yet but saw the benefits of quality TV programs over ‘dry’ educational videos as a possible positive. Thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog.

  3. I used Enhance TV a couple (5?) years ago. Once I got past the application/membership process which seemed to take an eternity, the programs available at that time was awesome. One would expect it has only been enhanced (pardon the pun).
    When I get my Macbook I will investigate it for sure Nick – thanks!……

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