Visual Poetry App

Richard Byrne has a blog called “iPad Apps for Schools”. He contributes regularly and reviews a wide range of educational apps. One of his more recent app reviews was for an app called Visual Poetry which I thought sounded useful for presenting student writing. The app allows the user to create custom word clouds with their text (not just poetry). The app is .99c. I would be interested if anyone would like to download it and see if they think it would be worthwhile putting it on the PBAS iPads.

Click here to read Richards review of the app.

Click here to visit iTunes to view the app.

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Learning Design – What do the students bring?

Having looked at Learning Design earlier this year it is important that we continue to work with, explore and discuss this process as a staff. My intention is to have 15-20 minute spotlights regularly (semi-regularly) at staff meetings to allow for some discussion and develop our knowledge of the Learning Design process further. The information below is from our staff meeting (2/8) this week when we looked at and were reminded about the importance of considering what the students bring and how this should influence our planning. The key points for this presentation were taken from the TfEL Framework in particular 4.1 build on learners understandings.



ACARA Update August 2013

Below are some of the points from a Power Point sent to me via Trish Boschetti. These points explain where the Australian Curriculum is currently at and some future timelines.
  • ACARA on track to complete development of the F(R)-10 Australian Curriculum by the end of 2013 (Stage 2 Languages – early 2014).
  • Geography F-10 approved by Ministers 10 May, implementation timeline to be approved.
  • The Arts – approved by Ministers 30 July, implementation timeline to be approved.
  • Languages Stage 1
    -Chinese and Italian – revisions occurring following public consultation.
  • Technologies (Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies) – revisions occurring, validation of achievement standards next week.
  • Health and Physical Education – final revisions occurring.
  • Civics and Citizenship – revisions occurring, validation of achievement standards next week.
  • Economics and Business – revisions occurring, validation of achievement standards next week.
  • National Trade Cadetships – Work Studies Years 9-10 – draft curriculum being written, expected to be released for public consultation later this month.
  • Work samples – Supplement the samples already in the portfolios for English, Mathematics, Science and History.
  • Provide work samples for all other learning areas/subjects – ongoing.
  • Senior Secondary
    • English, Mathematics, Science, History,  (December 2012) Geography (30 July 2013)
    • Approved by the Ministers as the agreed and common base for development of state and territory senior secondary courses
    • SACE Board of SA working through policy issues in the context of the their responsibilities for senior secondary course development, assessment and certification
    • Yet to confirm timelines for the integration of the Australian Curriculum subjects into the SACE
    • No decisions about development of other learning areas/subjects


Staff Feedback – PBAS Literacy Agreements

Next week we will be reviewing our current “PBAS Whole School Literacy Agreements” with Ali. These are draft documents  (R-6 & 7-12) and not complete. The R-6 document is further advanced than the secondary one.

We would appreciate teachers having a look at the document that relates to them and welcome comments related to that particular draft. It would be appreciated if staff can respond in the comments section of this post so that everyone’s views can be shared with other staff, leadership and Ali.

Please consider the following questions when responding:

  • Does it reflect current practice at PBAS R-12?
  • The R-6 organised the document under headings:
    • Modelled practice
    • Guided practice
    • Independent practice
      • What do you think of this formatting or would you prefer to outline reading, writing, listening/speaking, spelling, handwriting separately?
  • Do you see yourself in regard to literacy practice reflected in this document?
  • Does this draft consider Australian Curriculum English and Literacy Capabilities and all curriculum areas?
  • Does it consider the “Big Six” of reading instruction?


R-6 Literacy Agreement


7-12 Literacy Agreement