Learning Design – What do the students bring?

Having looked at Learning Design earlier this year it is important that we continue to work with, explore and discuss this process as a staff. My intention is to have 15-20 minute spotlights regularly (semi-regularly) at staff meetings to allow for some discussion and develop our knowledge of the Learning Design process further. The information below is from our staff meeting (2/8) this week when we looked at and were reminded about the importance of considering what the students bring and how this should influence our planning. The key points for this presentation were taken from the TfEL Framework in particular 4.1 build on learners understandings.



2 thoughts on “Learning Design – What do the students bring?

  1. Hi Nick

    This year we have been fortunate to work at length with learning design. I could get you some copies of my personal attempts at use. What I found was that it is a POWERFUL tool to program units of learning with. It has you consider VERY carefully many aspects I would have overlooked in the past – particularly the assessment ‘for’, assessment ‘of’ etc.
    In the end, the learning program delivered we are finding is BY FAR AND AWAY better than if we didn’t use this scaffolded process.

    So, teacher planning is enhanced, and as a consequence, student learning is GREATLY enhanced.

    Finally, I found the document an awesome tool to bring together lots of the Literacy training we did at PBAS over the last 5 years or so. (Don’t tell her) but I found myself using the training provided by Tanya Hacket and the Deb Terret training, which, I GUARANTEE YOU, would have been left behind in the hustle and bustle of day to day teaching and DECD requirements.

    This tool is OUTSTANDING in my experience and would be the ‘cherry’ on top of the Staff Learning cake at PBAS.

    Hope you guys see it’s benefits too as you delve into it more.


    • Thanks Ed. We spent a lot of our first 2 student free days looking at Learning Design and using it to inform our planning. Hoping to continue this focus over time to help staff embed the process into how they plan curriculum for students..

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