The adventures of a cardboard box

How many ways can you use a cardboard box? Kids absolutely love playing with boxes creating everything from buildings, cars, planes, rocket ships and kitchen appliances. Some of you may remember the Cardboard Arcade video that went viral around the world and I posted on this blog back in April 2012. The video posted below is called, The Adventures of a Cardboard Box. Imagination and creativity at its best!

I found this video while looking through the Australian Curriculum Lessons website. The lesson is called, The Adventures of a Cardboard Box – 17 Activities to Inspire Your Class – 2/3/4. If you have not been to this website I suggest you do – a great range of lessons linked to the Australian Curriculum.


4 thoughts on “The adventures of a cardboard box

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts. I have attached a link to a website about the global cardboard challenge – it started from a young boy who created an arcade at his fathers workshop (there is a YouTube video) Very inspirational and from that it has evolved into a global challenge.

    • Thanks Judith. I’ll check the link out. Appreciate you taking the time to comment and contribute with the link.

  2. Wow, what an amazing video. I laughed and laughed, especially as the family took turns drying out the box after its ‘water’ adventure. Amazing what an active imagination can create. I am going to bring a box into class one day and challenge my 7 and 8 students to think of things they could do with the box, before showing them the video.

    • Thanks Tanya. Glad you enjoyed it and that it has inspired you to challenge your class.

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