Reflecting on practice 2: Feedback

For a more detailed look at feedback read this great article from Dylan Wiliam called The Secret of Effective Feedback.

"But as many studies have shown, students often learn less when teachers provide feedback than they do when the teacher writes nothing (Kluger & DeNisi, 1996). The apparently simple process of looking at student work and then giving useful feedback turns out to be much more difficult than most people imagine. We could make the whole process considerably more effective by understanding one central idea: The only important thing about feedback is what students do with it." Dylan Wiliam 2016

Reflecting on practice 1: Success Criteria & Learning Intentions

With the start of term 1 almost here I thought I would share some practices that regardless of the year level or curriculum area you teach will support good teaching and learning.

Including today I will post four times on the following things: learning intentions & success criteria, feedback, Learning Design and relationships. The purpose of these posts is to remind us that while we are busy planning content it is important to plan how we deliver that content.

This first post look at the importance of success criteria and learning intentions.