Setting up iPads

Apple Products for setting up and deploying iPads in schools

The Apple Volume Purchasing Program

Apple Configurator – software to deploy iPads in schools

Download Apple Configurator app – download to a Mac computer

Apple Configurator help page

Apple iPad support


Resources for setting up iPads in schools

Using Apple Configurator to set up classroom iPads – A great post from the Technology In Early Childhood blog by Karen J. Nelson. Nov. 2013

QLD Education Department – SMART Schools iPad Trial. This document also lists the apps the two schools used during the trial.

Victorian Education Department – iPad trial. 21 Stepsto iPad SuccessWhy iPads?  iPad Trial,  Case studies – 4 schools, Getting Started Classroom Ideas

Victorian Education Department – iPad Trial NUTS AND BOLTS

Victorian Education Department – iPad Trial RESOURCES SUPPLIED including eBooks (ideas and planning), Publications and Websites

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads

Managing a classroom set of iPads

5 thoughts on “Setting up iPads

  1. IPads discussion – Thanks for getting this discussion started Nick. I agree with 1 & 2 as definites – not negotiable of we want take up. In 3. I would like to see all students to be able to access to the ipad otherwise staff with an ipad will not be able to work with some students if 1:1 class trial model is used. Be great for differentiation of curriculum as well. in 4. I believe 32 GB storage especially if 4 students allocated to an ipad. 6. Good quality covers will be needed and I like the idea of storage in the wet area. maybe label the ipad with the student group names – use labeller so no arguments about who should be using it. Maybe some students will take more care with shared resources this way.

    Staff needs re training, ongoing support, access to itunes etc will need to be discussed further. An initial application to the finance committee is crucial given the timelines with broad concept explained. Finer details of spending after further investigation but at least funds will be there.

  2. Thanks for this feedback Denise. I will try and work out an amount of money based on what I have already suggested to take to finance. Hopefully there is some scope to get a significant amount of money, however there may need to be discussions around the cost of running 2 computer suites, 4 Macs for video editing and an iPad program. Can we afford to maintain all of this in the long term (next 5 years)? I see a significant issue with tech support. We already struggle with having enough tech support and adding an iPad program to this will only increase the problem. Some money may need to be diverted into salary for our tech department.

  3. I would be happy to be a part of a group investigating this. A discussion is needed to start the process of using ipads in school. Having them to use as a part of a reading cycle would be great and I can see many places that I would like to use them.
    I agree that plans and training would need to be in place for things such as storage and tech support. For them to be worthwhile they would need to seemlessly go on the network. Keeping them charged could also be an issue worth thinking about.
    Can you get site licences for apps so they can be shared across all devices that the school owns? You can sync 5 devices to one account so this might be what we have to do?? Places like Wallaroo Mines have used them for a while so it might be worth chatting to them about issues they have found etc.
    Sounds exciting anyway.

    • Towny, in relation to the issue of 5 devices. I think it refers to having 5 computers linked to one iTunes account. This is the maximum number of computers accessing one account not devices such as iPads, iPhones or iPods. You can sync as many devices as you like to one computer. If PBAS had 30 iPads we would be able to sync all 30 without having to create multiple accounts.

      Source -
      “Managing up to five computers with one iTunes Account and a seemingly unlimited number of iOS devices including the Apple TV is definitely possible.”

  4. Hi Nick

    Am unable at present to view the links recorded here….. will have to do at home I suppose. This is one of the problems isn'[t it though. Until the current system is workable, new systems are difficult to implement.
    My fear is we are being further and further left behind in the digital age – as Towny, Denise (now,again), yourself and I have children at this school it is becoming an INCREASING concern to me that we don’t have IPADS in the school. We would be one of a VERY few.
    It is awesome you have initiated this discussion Nick. We need to act and act diligently but follow due process to ensure some technical problems experienced in the past don’t occur in the future. I am thinking this may mean sending off Pete or a technician to another school who has implemented a system somewhere else – maybe this involves a member of the committee firstly visiting site appropriate schools which reflect our needs would be an important first thing to do in my opinion.
    As a leading contributer to the Night of Entertainment I know of many on that group which were VERY keen to have that money spent on IPADS in the school, so maybe there is $5-8 000 there which could contribute to commencing this. We may need to reduce the intial purchase of IPADS to finance the ‘reconnassance’ a leader and IT technician may need to do – but this important first step may alleviate horrible and frustrating pain later??
    I am more than keen to support the progress of this as much as I can – as said, I desperately want Lainey and Macey to access IPADS and fear the longer it is left, the further behind peers in other schools they maybe becoming.

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