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Learning Design

  • What is Learning Design
  • Learning Design in a professional learning community
  • Using TfEL for Learning Design
  • Learning Design at ASMS
  • Learning Design exemplars
  • Powerful teaching with doctor Julia Atkin

An overview of Learning Design

A series of posts by Nick 2012.

Learning Design part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7 & part 8

7 posters for revisiting Learning Design

An exemplar of Learning Design in practice

This exemplar includes an overview of Learning Design (1 page) and a program based on the Murray River (covering maths, science & history) using Learning Design, The Australian Curriculum and TfEL. Click here to view the document.

Attached to the document are links to other resources including Julia Atkin, Richard Bawden, Geoffrey & Renate Caine, Guy Claxton, Robin Fogarty and Brian Pete, Andrew Fuller, YoramHarpaz, Rosie Le Cornu, Adam Lefstein, Assessment, Constructivism, Neuroscience and Pedagogy.


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