Resources for new teachers

The following resources are via the website Edutopia.

Preparing, Planning, and Support

To set the stage for a successful first year of teaching, it’s important to do some advance planning and preparation. We’ve collected a variety of of resources to help new teachers start the year off right. (20+ Resources)

Designing the Learning Environment

For new teachers, this resource compilation includes tips and guides on classroom design and layout to help maximize the possibilities of the learning environment. (15+ Resources)

Classroom-Management Fundamentals

Discover resources for new teachers on developing routines, fostering classroom community, managing disruptions, and building student relationships. (40+ Resources)

Lesson and Curriculum Planning

Explore a diverse collection of curriculum-planning tips, guidance, and other resources meant to help new teachers plan effective activities, lessons, and units. (15+ Resources)

A Primer on Assessment

In this guide for new teachers, learn about different types of assessment and how they can be used to provide feedback to learners and inform instruction. (30+ Resources)

Technology-Integration Basics

Find tips, strategies, tools, and other resources to help new teachers successfully integrate technology to facilitate educational objectives in the classroom. (25+ Resources)

Working With Parents

Engaging and building trust with parents and creating supportive home-to-school connections is critical to new-teacher success; find resources to get started here. (15+ Resources)

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