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ACARA – Explore the resources available to teachers through the Australian Curriculum website. These include Work Samples, STEM, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander (illustrations of culture and history), Curriculum Connections, Mathematics Proficiencies, National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions and Primary Curriculum.

Australian Curriculum website

Australian Curriculum Lessons – A website that provides great free lessons with resources. All lessons are linked with the Australian Curriculum, an excellent resource!

ABC Splash ABC Splash brings you the best Australian content from across ABC TV and Radio plus high-quality video from around the world.

  • a new world-class education website for Australia
  • packed with hundreds of videos, audio clips and games
  • 100% free to watch and play at home and in school

See volcanos erupt and microbats fly. Investigate fossils, megafires and worm farms. Meet fairytale monsters. Unwrap an Ancient Egyptian mummy and explore the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet!

ScootleScootle will be the main portal for Australian Curriculum resources for South Australian Teachers, providing over 10,000 digital resources. Teaching resources R-12 across all subject areas, requires a free account to be set up. Scootle also provides a search by ‘Australian Curriculum’ option. Some functions of Scootle include: students being able to access the activities without creating an account through a PIN that links to the secific resource the teacher wants them to use, create learning paths that store found resources on Scootle in one place under subject headings, create your own collaborative activity within the Scootle site for students.

Scootle User Guide

National Digital Learning Resources Network Australian Curriculum resources. This site provides direct links for viewing and downloading resources in Scootle.

QLD P(Reception) – 10 Australian Curriculum – QLD always seem to be ahead of the game. Some great looking resources by year level and subject including: templates of audit toolsand unit overviews, planning for multiple year levels – interesting as we have multiple year level classes – a lot of stuff here and some of it possibly useful. Also note that at the time I linked this, History not done and is by far the most difficult to implement in a multiple year level class), Assessment and Professional Development Podcasts.

Values Education for Australian Schooling – resources to help teach values in a school based setting.

Great Web Sites  – User friendly student tested sites for primary teachers. Resources divided into year levels then into subject areas. There is so much in here it is unbelievable. This link takes you to the site. The person who runs this site generated all these links. Amazing!

3D Toad – 360 degree perspective. Use to view a wide range of topics from chemistry, music , history, ballet, skeleton, dissections, geology and animal skeletons.

Teaching Resources UK Site – Huge range of FREE resources from ages 3-16+ across all subjects. Go to this link and select your age group.

Ideas to Inspire – a range of resources from English, science and maths to iPads and using a Wii in your classroom. UK site.

TeacherTime – A range of resources mostly in Word format (downloadable) in society & environment, science, maths and English. Read this blog post before using teacherTime. When I put this post up Google Chrome was required to run the site (Internet Explorer did not work). – wide range of primary activites across a variety of subjects.

Primary School Activities – wide variety of subjects – Australian site.

BrainPop – Covers a range of subject areas with interactive content. Site hosts more than 11 million visits to their web site each month. Great interactive content, downside is a whole school subscription for JP version and older students version costs around $1500 a year or if one teacher wanted it in the classroom about $500 per year. You can access a free trial.

BrainPop for Educators – Free resources. Unfortunately the resources are free i.e. lesson plans (and look quite good) but the links in lesson plans go back to the BrainPop website requiring you to subscribe.

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  1. There is a great new iPad app called MWorld which is developed by Monash University. It is content rich and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and Blooms Taxonomy. Promotes student curiosity, discovery, inquiry and literacy. Check it out at

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