Australian Curriculum Science – View Year Level Descriptors, Content Elaborations, Achievement Standards, General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities. Download the entire curriculum or specific aspects of it to suit your needs.

Australian Curriculum Lessons – A website that provides great free lessons with resources. All lessons are linked with the Australian Curriculum, an excellent resource!

The science teacher – Provide science teachers with free teaching resources and ideas to support effective pedagogy to challenge students to think deeply about concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. English site.

Home page Science Web Australia – The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) in partnership with Education Services Australia (ESA) has prepared 15 units of work to support teachers in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Science as part of the Supporting the Australian Curriculum Online (SACOL). The units are designed for students in years F–10. These units have been written by experienced teachers using resources that are available online. Each unit consists of an overview, five lesson plans, and additional links and resources. Extension activities for gifted and talented students will be included for the units in years 7–10. Science Web Australia Website

ABC Splash ABC Splash brings you the best Australian content from across ABC TV and Radio plus high-quality video from around the world.

  • a new world-class education website for Australia
  • packed with hundreds of videos, audio clips and games
  • 100% free to watch and play at home and in school

See volcanos erupt and microbats fly. Investigate fossils, megafires and worm farms. Meet fairytale monsters. Unwrap an Ancient Egyptian mummy and explore the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet!

The Periodic Table of videos – featuring working chemists at the University of Nottingham

Build a Body – This is a great website that allows students to build the human body using interactive elements system by system. Each systen has descriptions and provides some facts about diseases. Students will only drag and drop the parts of body such as bones and organs.

Biodigital Human – This is a great resource for  anatomy. It lets users view the human body in 3D, hide or remove layers, create custom views and many more.

Health Line Body maps – This is an awesome website where students can learn about the different parts of the human body. Just mouse over any part of the body to get more info about it. You can also peel away layers of the body to look at different levels.

Anatomy Arcade – This is an interactive website that helps users learn about the human anatomy. It provides videos, flash games and interactives. Science and Plants for Schools – primary

Science and Plants for Schools – Secondary

Science for Kids – experiments, games, projects, facts, quizzes, lessons, images, videos and topics

The Khan Academy – Getting started tutorial.

The Khan Academy – R-12 resource. Video tutorials on maths, science and humanities. From simple addition to the most complex of equations.Watch videos online or download them and complete practice exercises. An amazing free resource created by Salmon Khan based on some help he gave his nephews with their maths, so amazing that it is blocked by department filters so you will need a password to override (may be easier to download and save at home ready for lesson at school). Ed has used this resource if you want to chat with him.

CSIRO – Teachers resources

What does the CSIRO offer in South Australia for students?

Double Helix Science Club – range of activities and games, some great resources in here particularly the “Do it yourself science” link

NASA – home page

NASA – Kid’s club

Moon Phases – great short animated video explaining phases of the moon.

Interactive Science Games and Activities – Junior primary to upper primary activities. Interactive but I have not tried them out on a IWB yet. The interactions worked with a mouse on my laptop. UK site.

ABC Science – Up to date articles on science.

The Why Files – the science behind the news. Good teacher resource that can link science to the real world.

Interactive Site for Primary Maths, English and Science – A British site called Ks2 – Bitesize with some great looking interactive games and activities for primary aged students.

Electric Circuits – The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits – Interactive activities with up to 5 players. Upper primary/lower secondary. An Interactive E-Learning site for middle primary on electric circuits.

What is energy? – Great looking upper primary/secondary interactive site.

How Stuff Works – Science

Interactive Sustainability Resource – Ollies World, interactive games on a variety of sustainability issues.

ICT Magic – This site provides websites on everything including science. Go to this link for a huge range of interactive science websites. Excellent!

Human Anatomy – see links under HPE

Our Story in 2 Minutes – World history and creation of the world in two minutes.

My Top 25 Free Science Resources for Education – by Bradley Lands

NSW Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum – Science

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