Using TV Shows, Movies and Objects to explain Blooms. Are they useful?

Ed told me about some video explanations of Blooms Taxonomy using Seinfield, Pirates of the Caribbean and a guy talking about a drum. I have also been able to find 3 more including Nemo, The Andy Griffiths Show and using an iPhone. The videos vary between the old Blooms Taxonomy and the new Revised Blooms Taxonomy. My personal favourites are The Andy Griffiths Show, Nemo (simple easier to understand explanation) and Seinfield.


The Drum Explanation

Pirates of the Caribbean


Andy Griffiths Show


The Differentiator – using Blooms Taxonomy to structure tasks

This is a great web app. Although its name is a little misleading. Depending on how you use it it doesn’t necessarily make you differentiate your instruction. Never the less it is a fantastic tool to help you design a task statement in any subject area that is linked to Blooms Revised Taxonomy.

Go to the following link and watch the video then create a task using the tool (total time to do this – 1 min. 18 sec for video and 5 min to create the task).

The Differentiator Blooms Taxonomy 

If you like that try Respondo – creative literature task creation.

Both of these tools are created by Ian Byrd