The suprising truth about what motivates us (and what doesn’t)

This talk by Dan Pink is not an education based talk but has implications about how students and staff might be motivated at school.

Roger sent me an article the other day called “Choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform” by Michael Fullen which outlines drivers that will hinder and help systems reform in education. It is interesting to note that part of what Fullen says in his report, about what will not motivate educators to improve/be more accountable, is backed up by Dan Pink’s research into what motivates us. Below are two statements form Michael Fullen’s report:

For whole system reform to occur, lead drivers must get to the motivation and competency of educators. Accountability measures plus sticks and carrots do not accomplish this feat.

Accountability in the form we are seeing in the US and Australia does not build widespread capacity, nor does it increase intrinsic motivation.