Ken Robinson: How to escape educations death valley

Ken Robinson’s talks are always entertaining and thought provoking. Watch this TED Talk in which Ken Robinson discusses the following topics:

  • Disengagement
  • Children are diverse
  • Education focuses on a narrow spectrum
  • ADHD
  • Broad curriculum
  • Curiosity
  • A creative profession
  • Standardised testing
  • Creativity is important
  • Individualise teaching and learning
  • Engage students
  • Teachers need discretion and autonomy

Finlands Education System

The first video is from ABC’s Lateline. Finland’s director of education Pasi Sahlberg joins Lateline to discuss the nation’s world-leading education system.


The second video has nothing new about Finland’s Education system that I haven’t posted before however I did enjoy the presenter of the show. He goes to town on American education policy makers and America’s attitude in general to change (or lack of) in the face of mounting evidence about what makes a good educational system.

Why is Finland’s education system No.1 in the world?

If you can spare 20 minutes to watch this  TED Talk by Alan Lishness he will share with you some insight into how a great educational system runs. It takes about 8-9 minutes to get into the guts of the talk but it is interesting to hear him talk about how the Finnish system compares to the U.S. which ranks number 26 in the world compared with Finland at number 1.

What are the 5 key things that seperate the Finnish system to the American (Australian) system? You will admire (and like) these 5 things.

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What is so great about schools in Finland?

Lately I have read a few different articles on Finland and its Education system. Described as a model of a thriving, innovative education system that focuses on students the Finish system is being held up as one of the leading education systems in the world. Interestingly it does not match closely with the UK, US or dare I say it Australia’s system which seems focused on places like the UK and US. We have NAPLAN, the My Schools Website and in the near future (2014) our first performance paid teachers. Some of the key features of the Finish system are:

  • No private schools
  • High level administrators have worked as teachers
  • They don’t focus on tests
  • Teaching is revered
  • They trust teachers

From the final paragraph

“You know, one big difference in thinking about education and the whole discourse is that in the U.S. it’s based on a belief of competition,” Sahlberg said. “In my country, we are in education because we believe in cooperation and sharing. Cooperation is a core starting point for growth.”

Does our system encourage sharing and cooperation or competition?

Read the full article by Tina Barseghian here.