Using Scratch to develop Year 8 coding skills

The Year 8s have been learning how to code using Scratch with Allan during term 1 this year. This online software allows students to learn the basics of coding.

Students used their knowledge of Scratch to create their own simple games based on existing games such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pong or created their own original game.

The learning experienced while developing these games included:

  • Learning through trial and error
  • The importance of persistence
  • Breaking down big problems into smaller more manageable ones
  • Analysing errors and think about ways to correct them
  • Collaboration
Teacher quote "One of the most pleasing and perhaps unexpected outcomes I witnessed was the number of students who quickly became the expert at a specific area and then became the teacher helping other students to apply specific code to help their game. The idea that computer programmers are solitary people was quickly dispelled as the students realised the power of collaboration."

The video below shows a range of games created by the students.

Game 1 – Tic Tac Toe

Game 2 – Maze Runner

Game 3 – Pong

Game 4 – Donkey Kong

Game 5 – Timed maze

Game 6 – Virtual Pet (make sure your pet gets enough play time, is fed and sleeps)

This task  addresses TfEL Domain 2 Create safe conditions for rigourous learning and TfEL Domain 4 Personalise and connect learning. Element 2.2 build a community of learners - Encourages everyone to be a teacher and a learner (students became experts in specific areas of coding and supported others) Element 4.4 communicate learning in multiple modes - Engages learners in practical activities to develop understanding (creation of a game using code)