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Australian Curriculum Arts – View Year Level Descriptors, Content Elaborations, Achievement Standards, General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities. Download the entire curriculum or specific aspects of it to suit your needs.

Arts: Live Free and easy, interactive web application to facilitate collaboration and innovation across all five art forms in your classroom. Regardless of your existing skills and knowledge, ARTS:LIVE provides extensive cross-curricular content, with sequential instructions to bring the arts alive. Australian Curriculum linked.

Google Cultural Institute – Discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail, from hidden gems to masterpieces.

Home page Arts-POP – There are five art forms specified in the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts. They are Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, and Visual Arts. Arts-POP shows how each art form makes a distinct contribution to cognition by drawing on each child’s senses and imagination. Each art form is valued equally within the generic learning area of the arts. Arts-POP website

Australian Curriculum Lessons – A website that provides great free lessons with resources. All lessons are linked with the Australian Curriculum, an excellent resource!

The Artists Toolkit – Visual elements and principles. This site provides information about line, colour, space, shape, balance, movement & rhythm. Watch two videos of professional artists creating original art works using the principles covered in the toolkit section of the site. The site also provides an Encyclopedia, an in-depth guide to learning more about the building blocks  of composition. Here you’ll see many examples of works of art that illustrate  the visual elements and principles.

Sites2See – A NSW Education Department site with links to primary and secondary websites covering most subject areas.

Art History – an offshoot of the Khan Academy. Great images, video and information about art history.

The Renaissance – An interactive website for middle/senior students (requires Flash player). Includes eploring the arts, innovation, the artists life and teacher lesson plans.

Modern Art – Interactive website for primary/middle years students (requires Flash player). Explore the Modern Art Museum in New York City and the PS1 Contemporary Art Centre.

Sketch Heroes – Learn how to draw a wide range of images from Manga, animals and cartoons to much more. A huge range of images plus students can create and upload their own art work. Will appeal to a wide range of age groups.

Instruments and Listening – This link provides PDF files showing instruments (print as posters), also includes some lesson ideas.

Welcome to Music – Welcome to Music offers award winning original and exciting education resources for teachers and students alike! According to their site they offer the best music education resources in Australia. From music workshops to music classes and shows.

Music Training Games – Requires a free account to be set up. Wide range of games relating to music concepts.

Music Blog ‘Wright Stuff Music’ – Resources and ideas around teaching and learning music.

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  1. The song room received a grant from the federal government to develop resources in support the AC Arts. You may find some of them useful.
    Arts: Live was developed by the ‘Song Room’ for ESA. Activities in five art forms. Enable students to produce creative works, with over 150 activities across the areas of Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts. Also available via Scootle

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