Revisiting Learning Design – How do we engage, challenge and support student learning?

Engagement could be described in two ways, compliance engagement and deep engagement. According to David Price (Learning Futures Engaging Students, 2010) deep engagement encompasses the following: • Cares not just about the outcome, but also the development of their learning • Takes responsibility for their learning • Brings discretionary energy to their learning task(s) • Can locate the value of […]

Revisiting Learning Design – What evidence will enable us to assess the intended learning?

Designing assessment tasks that will allow students to address the Achievement Standards and content descriptors at an ‘A’ level is important. If we only ever produce tasks that allow for a satisfactory achievement and don’t address the deeper learning aspects of the curriculum we are doing a disservice to our students. Consideration must be given […]

Revisiting Learning Design – What does the intended learning look like?

As teachers we need to have a clear understanding of what quality learning for any particular task looks like. We then need to be able to communicate this with our students. Using the Australian Curriculum content descriptors, Achievement Standards, quality work samples are ways to help achieve this. Using rubrics with clearly thought out criteria […]

Revisiting Learning Design – What do they bring?

Here is the second poster in my ‘Revisiting Learning Design’ series of posts. Understanding what our students bring in terms of understandings, beliefs, misconceptions, prior knowledge etc is important. It gives us a foundation, a starting point for a topic and assists us with what direction we might take with that topic. Importantly we must […]

Revisiting Learning Design – What is the intended learning?

Here is the first poster in the ‘Revisiting Learning Design’ series of posts. Understanding what we are required to teach using the Australian Curriculum is important. What is more important is how we connect that with students lives and the real world. Also important is developing a ‘big idea’ along with essential questions that when […]

Learning Design

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